What is Hair Mesotherapy?

Hair Mesotherapy is a treatment method that is used to protect and strengthen existing hair. In daily life, our hair is exposed to many external factors such as dust, chemicals, hot-cold weather, cosmetics. When factors such as stress, work, intense tempo, insomnia and irregular diet are taken into account, the hair cannot be fed enough and loses its former strength. It takes on a matte, understated look. Hair Mesotherapy is an effective option at the stage of restoring weakened hair.

Our hair needs many vitamins during the day to maintain its vitality, which can also be seen in the content of hair care products or shampoos used. According to the purpose of the product taken, these vitamins may be in the direction of revitalizing the hair follicles, giving shine and preventing hair loss. Hair Mesotherapy, in its simplest terms, is a mixture of all the vitamins that hair needs. With the minerals and vitamins it contains, many hair problems such as hair loss, dull appearance, weak hair structure can be eliminated at the same time.

What is the Content of Hair Mesotherapy?


Mesotherapy is a treatment method that targets the middle layer of the skin, formed by the combination of the words meso (middle) and therapy (therapy). İt was firstly implemented by Dr Michel Pistor in France in 1952. It is not a special treatment for hair. It is actively used for many aesthetic touches such as cellulite treatment, facial rejuvenation, regional slimming. Since it has different application areas, it does not have a single content. It is prepared for the purpose for which it is used.

In hair mesotherapy, mesotherapies rich in vitamins that hair needs are used. In general, it contains vitamins such as vitamins A, B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, C, zinc, biotin, amino acids

How is Hair Mesotherapy Applied?

Although there are many forms of application, planning should be made according to the situation of the person.

Among the application forms;

  • Application with infusion unit during hair transplantation,
  • Steam infusion is applied after the hair transplant operation.
  • Application with the help of dropper and dermoroller after washing,

Injection method with the help of 2-4 mm tips in monthly periods, Hair follicles collected from the donor area during hair transplantation continue to lose energy as they cannot be fed during the time they are outside. It is the application method used especially in cases where the FUE time is prolonged, so that the hair follicles do not lose their existing energy, continue to be fed, and can be transferred with the quality they were removed from the donor area. The graft is applied with the help of devices called steam infusion units. The hair follicles taken are placed in these devices and continue to be fed during their stay outside with steamed mesotherapy. In this way, the quality of the hair follicles is preserved. This method of application, which directly affects the result of the operation, has been actively used especially recently.
In order to keep the nutritional quality at the highest level after hair transplantation, the operation performed with the graft steam infusion unit can be continued for the first 10 days. In this application, the evaporated mesotherapy is infused into the planting area. The process is completed in 20 minutes. It is applied in the first 10 days, which is the phase of attachment of the hair to the tissue. The aim is to increase the nutritional quality, as in other forms of administration. In addition, the dried parts are moistened. It can be done after daily washing to get the most effective result. It is not applied because tissue union will be completed after 10 days.

Mesotherapy continues in the form of infusion until the 10th day,afterwards it will be applied with the help of drops. Mesotherapy in liquid form is applied to the planting area after washing by massaging with fingertips. Dermoroller can be used after the massage in order to accelerate the transition to the tissue and to be more effective. The point to be considered in the use of Dermoroller is the need for light application. From time to time, people increase the pressure and duration of the application of dermoroller with the thought that it will be better. This increase does not benefit the person, on the contrary, it causes harm. Because a long-term application of dermoroller will irritate the tissue, indirectly harming the success of the operation. After a few minutes of massage with fingertips, a one-minute dermoroller application will be sufficient.

The monthly application method is planned with the aim of increasing the nutritional quality and tissue quality of the hair follicles when needed. It can be done with the aim of increasing the nutritional quality in the months following the operation, or it can be applied independently of the hair transplant operation. It is also frequently used to restore the old strength to the hair, which is worn out due to intense work tempo, excessive stress, and the cosmetics used. A short time like 10 minutes is sufficient for this process. With the help of 2-4 mm minimalized needles, mesotherapy, rich in vitamins needed by the hair, is injected under the skin. Thanks to the special fine needles used during the injection, the person does not feel uncomfortable pain. After the application, the person can easily continue her daily life. Washing is not recommended on the day of the procedure. The next day, normal washing can be continued. Although there are different application periods in the researches, it gives the most effective result when done monthly. An average of 6-8 sessions, once a month, will be sufficient.

How Often Is Hair Mesotherapy Applied? How much will it take?

Although it changes according to the application method;

  • If hair mesotherapy is applied with the infusion unit, the process continues for the period determined for the hair transplant operation. The roots taken from the donor area continue to be fed with mesotherapy steam inside the infusion unit until they are transferred. The aim of this procedure is to maximize the result of the hair transplant operation by preserving and further increasing the quality of the hair follicles taken from the donor area.
  • Hair mesotherapy applied after hair transplantation is completed in as little as 20 minutes. The number of sessions varies according to the planning of the hair transplant operation. Planning is done by your doctor.
  • If hair mesotherapy is done with dropper and dermoroller, 5-10 minutes are needed after washing. During this period, mesotherapy is applied to the area to be treated with the help of a dropper and massaged with fingertips. Afterwards, the penetration of the mesotherapy into the tissue is accelerated by opening minimal channels with dermoroller.
  • If hair mesotherapy is done by injection method, 6-8 sessions, once a month, are ideal. The number of sessions can be increased as needed. The application takes as little as 10 minutes to complete.

When Does the Effect of Hair Mesotherapy Start?

Although it varies from person to person and the method of application, if the hair transplant is applied independently of the operation, the effect begins to be seen within a few months. The purpose of hair transplantation and post-hair mesotherapy applications is to increase the success of the operation by preserving the quality of the hair follicles taken.

What are the Advantages of Hair Mesotherapy? Should I do it?

Although it is applied by people who have hair loss problems to stop hair loss and to give vitality to worn hair, it is aimed to increase the nutritional quality of their hair and to see the least damage from the cosmetics used in people who do not have hair loss problems due to the fact that our hair is constantly exposed to external factors. It is a method often used. Since it contains all the vitamins that hair needs, it provides vitality in the tissue and increases the quality of life of the person. The most effective results will be obtained when regular periods are also performed.

Is Hair Mesotherapy a Painful Procedure?

Depending on the method of application, the pain percentage changes. The only method of application that will feel pain is the direct injection method with the help of two-four mm tips. Even in that procedure, the pain is minimized. There is no pain that will disturb the person. There is no pain in other forms of administration.

Does Hair Mesotherapy Grow New Hair?

With today’s technology, there is no application that can provide new hair growth from a place where there is no hair follicle, except for hair transplantation. Hair Mesotherapy application does not directly provide new hair growth. It revitalizes and thickens hair follicles, which are weakened and examined due to external factors, by increasing their nutritional quality.

Hair Mesotherapy Risks

Regardless of the application method, there is no risk. The aim of mesotherapy is to improve the quality of nutrition. For this reason, it does not contain any ingredients that can harm the tissue or hair follicles. Today, it is often used independently of hair transplantation.

Before-After Hair Mesotherapy

Hair Mesotherapy Prices 2022

Application fees vary according to the application method. You can get information about current hair mesotherapy prices here.