Liposomal Ozone Therapy

In addition to the ability of liposomal ozone to increase hair follicles, the vitamins B1 B2 B3 B5 B6 and C in its formula provide intensive care to the scalp. It helps to prevent hair loss. People with intense hair loss can contribute to the prevention of hair loss thanks to this treatment. Liposomal ozone therapy is a special treatment and can be applied to people who experience intense hair loss, regardless of age. Liposomal ozone therapy, which prevents hair loss, is a state-of-the-art treatment method that has recently emerged.

Liquid Form of Ozone

While ozone loses its gaseous effect in 20-30 minutes, liposomal ozone is more effective with its long-term release up to 72 hours. High-dose liquid ozone is much more effective as both regenerative and antioxidant than gaseous ozone. This technology, for the first time in the world, made ozone liquid out of the gaseous state and increased its penetration into the cell by using a liposomal carrier.

Antioxidant Effect of Liposomal Ozone Therapy

Ozone detects free radicals inside the cell and on the cell wall and shows a target-oriented effect thanks to its positively ion-charged structure. Liposomes, on the other hand, carry this effect to a much higher level thanks to their ability to combine with the cell wall, helping the cell to become healthy and nourished, and support the increase of collagen production. Although this effect is possible in gaseous ozone, the rapid removal of gaseous ozone from the circulation limits its effectiveness. However, thanks to liposomal ozone technology, its rejuvenating feature at the cellular level is long-lasting. The revitalizing effect of ozone at the cellular level must be supported by other amino acids, minerals and vitamins that the cell will need.

The type of vitamins and amino acids required varies according to the targeted area of the body and the age of the person. The revitalization and regeneration process triggered by liposomal liquid ozone is supported in the most effective way. The aim here is to revitalize the tissue, to nourish the roots and to add vitality to the existing hair follicles, and to prevent hair loss, thanks to liquid ozone rather than prp and mesotherapy.

The antioxidant and regenerative effect of liposomal ozone helps to remove free radicals that cause wear on the skin. It supports cell division by increasing ATP synthesis in the cell.