Murat Makascı Clinic, which gladly welcomes its guests from many parts of the world for hair transplantation and aesthetic operations in Turkey/Istanbul, one of the world’s leading countries in hair transplantation, has been drawing an ever-increasing success rate since its establishment.

Murat Makascı Clinic, which was awarded the ‘Best Breakthrough Hair Transplantation Center of the Year’ at the International City Awards for its work, closely follows the developments in its field and offers more up-to-date and safer services to its patients.

Services within the body of Murat Makascı Clinic;

  • Hair transplantation and treatments
  • Beard transplantation and treatments
  • Eyebrow transplantation and treatments
  • Unshaven Hair Transplantation and Treatments,
  • Hair Transplantation and Treatments in Women,

Techniques used in Murat Makascı Clinic;

  • Sapphire channel technique
  • Dhi Plus technique
  • Fue method

*You don’t have to worry about pain at Murat Makascı Clinic. We are here for a more comfortable operation with the latest technology painless anesthesia devices.

*Before the operation, the current and future status of your hair is analyzed by your doctor in a computer environment with special analysis devices, and your hair transplant planning is created specifically for you, together with you.

Just 3 days is all you need to change your life!
Your operation calendar;

  • 1 day; Arrival-consultation-rest
  • 2 days; Operation-rest

With the latest technology autologous plus stem cell treatment successfully applied by Murat Makascı Clinic doctors, we guarantee that you will regain your old look within 1 week.

*We have thought of everything for you!

With the whatsapp group to be created after the operation, you will be followed by your specialist and consultant who performed your operation until your process is successfully completed!

We will be waiting for you at Istanbul airport with our vip vehicles.
All your transfer and accommodation planning will be shared with you before you arrive in Istanbul.

All Murat Makascı Clinic team work for you with your consultant who speaks the same language as you throughout your travel experience.

Other services within the body of Murat Makascı Clinic;

  • Plastic surgery operations
  • Dental operations
  • Eye operations
  • Medical aesthetic applications